RewirteRule 팁

: Request URI에 %, 나 $ 와 같은 특수 문자가 있으면, 다음을 설정해라


RewriteRule     ^/launcher/App/landing.aspx(.*) /Launcher/App/Landing.aspx$1 [R,NE]


출처 :



'noescape|NE' (no URI escaping of output)
This flag keeps mod_rewrite from applying the usual URI escaping rules to the result of a rewrite. Ordinarily, special characters (such as '%', '$', ';', and so on) will be escaped into their hexcode equivalents ('%25', '%24', and '%3B', respectively); this flag prevents this from being done. This allows percent symbols to appear in the output, as in

RewriteRule /foo/(.*) /bar?arg=P1\%3d$1 [R,NE]



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