boss from hell : pushover (easy)

boss's pet     : in the doghouse

brown nose   : badmouth, cut down   (왜 brown nose 일까? 그것은 Kiss my ass와 연관있다.. )

by the numbers(왕 꼼꼼....ㅡ.ㅡ;;) : loose cannon

career track : mommy track

company track : entrepreneur

cook the books (stealing, lying) : blow the whistle

happy camper : moody

have your act together(Don't make mistake) : disorganized

iead person : detail person(by the numbers)

lone wolf : team player (company man)

queen bee (almost for women) : worker bee

self starter : watch the clock

share the credit : steal the credit

top dog (best ) : low man on the totem pole

workaholic : slacker


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