Operating System

For the operating system, we use FreeBSD version 10. This was selected for its balance of stability and features, a strong development community and staff expertise. All code improvements, feature additions, and bug fixes are contributed directly back to the open source community via the FreeBSD committers on our team. We also strive to stay at the front of the FreeBSD development process, allowing us to have a tight feedback loop with other community and partner developers. The result has been a positive open source ecosystem that lowers our development costs and multiplies the effectiveness of our efforts..

Web Server

We use the Nginx web server for its proven scalability and performance. The audio and video components that comprise each Netflix streaming title are served directly to the customer client software via HTTP.

Routing Intelligence Proxy

We use the BIRD Internet routing daemon to enable the transfer of network topology from ISP networks to the Netflix control system that directs clients to sources of content.

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