0. Donwload jad
Download and install jad app, and put intalled jad in the path on your computer to execute on any commnad window.

1. Create jad.bat file
Crate jad.bat file and put your jad.bat into path on your computer.
@echo off
jad -o -d. %*
notepad %~n1.jad
del %~n1.jad

2. Link class extension file to jad.bat that you made.

3. Unzip jar
Unzip a certain jar to your computer. and run "cmd" on execute window menu.
And, go to the unzipped jar directory and execute below command to decompile your class files.

4. Click class file
After clicking your class file linked jad.bat, you may see this window.

Strength of this bat file
- You may not decompile every class file.
- You may not know every option of jad.
- Autiomatically remove the jad file when you close the decompiled java source note-pad-window.

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