mysql jdbc driver의 timeout 정보를 모두 살펴보니 다음과 같다.

* connectTimeout
- Timeout for socket connect (in milliseconds), with 0 being no timeout. Only works on JDK-1.4 or newer. Defaults to '0'

* socketTimeout
Timeout on network socket operations (0, the default means no timeout)

* initialTimeout
If autoReconnect is enabled, the initial time to wait between re-connect attempts (in seconds, defaults to '2').

* enableQueryTimeouts
When enabled, query timeouts set via Statement.setQueryTimeout() use a shared java.util.Timer instance for scheduling. Even if the timeout doesn't expire before the query is processed, there will be memory used by the TimerTask for the given timeout which won't be reclaimed until the time the timeout would have expired if it hadn't been cancelled by the driver. High-load environments might want to consider disabling this functionality.

* queryTimeoutKillsConnection
If the timeout given in Statement.setQueryTimeout() expires, should the driver forcibly abort the Connection instead of attempting to abort the query?

* loadBalanceBlacklistTimeout
Time in milliseconds between checks of servers which are unavailable.

* ConnectionKilledDueToTimeout
Connection closed to due to statement timeout being reached and "queryTimeoutKillsConnection" being set to "true".

* LoadBalancingConnectionProxy.badValueForLoadBalanceBlacklistTimeout
Bad value ''{0}'' for property "loadBalanceBlacklistTimeout".


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