scala를 webjars-play와 연동하다가 종종 중복 이슈가 발견이 되어서 자세히 중복 확인을 하고 싶었다.

자실 webjars-play 뿐 아니라 일반 scala 프로젝트를 사용할 때도 많은 도움이 된다.를 사용해.. 자세히 확인할 수 있다. 

addSbtPlugin("org.scala-sbt" % "sbt-duplicates-finder" % "0.7.0")

$ sbt

[project name] $ checkDuplicates

[warn] Detected classes conflicts:


[warn] - io/netty/handler/codec/string/LineSeparator.class: content differ

[warn] - /Users/

[warn] - /Users/


[warn] - io/netty/util/internal/logging/InternalLoggerFactory.class: content differ

[warn] - /Users/

[warn] - /Users/


[warn] - javax/servlet/SingleThreadModel.class: content differ

[warn] - /Users/

[warn] - /Users/


하지만,는 훨씬 자세히 보여준다.

$ sbt compile

[warn] Executing in batch mode.

[warn]   For better performance, hit [ENTER] to switch to interactive mode, or

[warn]   consider launching sbt without any commands, or explicitly passing 'shell'

[info] Loading project definition from /Users/

[info] Set current project to kemi-logview (in build file:/Users/

coursier.ResolutionException: Conflict(s) in dependency resolution:




[error] (*:coursierResolutions) coursier.ResolutionException: Conflict(s) in dependency resolution:

[error]   org.webjars.npm:object-assign:3.0.0:default(compile)

[error] org.webjars.npm:object-assign:4.0.1:default(compile)

[error] org.webjars.npm:object-assign:4.1.1:default(compile)

[error] Total time: 8 s, completed 2017. 12. 22 오후 6:45:36

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