Your Heavenly Father is looking down the road of your life, and He sees nothing but promise and the divine purpose He has for you. Today, I encourage you to take a step in His direction. He wants to connect in a new way with you and help you to rediscover your purpose.

God is madly in love with you. No matter where you are in life or what your struggles are, He's looking for you, waiting for you to return home and receive what He has for you.

Victoria and I want to help you re-connect with the Lord, so we've developed a new audio devotional for daily encouragement.

With your best gift to the ministry this month, I would like to send you Connect: 28 Days to Rediscover Your Connection with God. This brand-new CD resource is great for the car, listening on your computer or wherever you're most comfortable. With your gift of $100 or more to the ministry this month, you'll also receive our "I Believe" leather journal and "Anything is Possible" coffee mug to remind you of His love and His goodness in your life.

It's a great privilege to partner with you as we share the heart of our Father. Just listen; you can hear Him calling out, "Come home!"

We’re praying for you and believing that great things will be accomplished in your life,
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