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docker 2017. 10. 19. 21:46

docker info 커맨드를 실행하면 다음 스토리지 드라이버로 aufs가 나타난다.  


Storage Driver: aufs

 Root Dir: /var/lib/docker/aufs

 Backing Filesystem: extfs

 Dirs: 98

 Dirperm1 Supported: true

docker의 내부 스택이 바로 aufs로 되어 있다.

(출처 : https://docs.docker.com)

따라서 docker containerization을 지원하는 형태는 mesos는 지원하는 당연히 aufs 파일 시스템을 지원한다. 

ubuntu랑도 docker가 잘 궁합이 맞는 것도 그런 드 하다. 



The reason AUFS is introduced is because overlayfs support hasn’t been merged until kernel 3.18 and Docker’s default storage backend for ubuntu 14.04 is AUFS.

Like overlayfs, AUFS is also a unioned file system, which is very stable, has a lot of real-world deployments, and has strong community support.

Some Linux distributions do not support AUFS. This is usually because AUFS is not included in the mainline (upstream) Linux kernel.

For more information of AUFS, please refer to here.

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