MovieLens의 ratings.csv 파일을 다운로드하는 방법

먼저 파일이 어디 있는지 확인한다.


This dataset (ml-20m) describes 5-star rating and free-text tagging activity from MovieLens, a movie recommendation service. It contains 20000263 ratings and 465564 tag applications across 27278 movies. These data were created by 138493 users between January 09, 1995 and March 31, 2015. This dataset was generated on October 17, 2016.

Users were selected at random for inclusion. All selected users had rated at least 20 movies. No demographic information is included. Each user is represented by an id, and no other information is provided.

The data are contained in six files, genome-scores.csvgenome-tags.csvlinks.csvmovies.csvratings.csv and tags.csv. More details about the contents and use of all these files follows.

This and other GroupLens data sets are publicly available for download at

링크를 따라 들어가서 ml-20m.zip를 다운로드한다.

바로 접근하려면 다음 링크로 접속한다.

저 파일 안에 ratings.csv 파일이 있다.

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