phantomjs 가 2018년 4월에 멈춰졌기로 확인해봤다니..

기존의 고생한 것도 있고. headless chrome 때문에 옮겼다고 한다.!topic/phantomjs/9aI5d-LDuNE


I want to make an announcement.

Headless Chrome is coming -

I think people will switch to it, eventually. Chrome is faster and more stable than PhantomJS. And it doesn't eat memory like crazy.

I don't see any future in developing PhantomJS. Developing PhantomJS 2 and 2.5 as a single developer is a bloody hell.
Even with recently released 2.5 Beta version with new and shiny QtWebKit, I can't physically support all 3 platforms at once (I even bought the Mac for that!). We have no support.
From now, I am stepping down as maintainer. If someone wants to continue - feel free to reach me.

I want to give credits to Ariya, James and Ivan! It was the pleasure to work with you. Cheers!
I also want to say thanks to all people who supported and tried to help us. Thank you!

With regards,


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