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세상 겁나 좋아졌다.

rpm-> 유분투의 모듈 업데이트 시스템 -> yum을 이용한 손쉬운 설치!!! 짱인데.


로그 확인

cat /var/log/yum.log



yum install 패키지



yum update 패키지


설치 여부 확인

yum search 패키지


설치 리스트 확인

yum list






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Yum (Yellow dog Updater, Modified) HOWTO

Robert G. Brown, rgb at phy.duke.edu

Jonathan Pickard,fatboy at techno.co.za

0.3, 2003-09-24
This is a HOWTO for Yum: the Yellow dog Updater, Modified. Yum is an automatic updater and package installer/remover for rpm-based systems. It automatically computes dependencies and figures out what things should occur in order to safely install, remove, and update rpm packages. Yum also efficiently and easily retrieves information on any package installed or available in a repository to the installer. Yum makes it easier to maintain groups of machines without having to manually update each one using rpm or other tools. Yum can manage package groups, multiple repositories, fallback repositories and more to permit centralized package management performed by just one or two individuals to scale over an entire organization. Note Well! This HOWTO is in a state of total flux during its initial pre-release development. Lots of sections are empty, others are wrong, all is in a state of mediocre organization. Nevertheless, I cherish feedback from anybody on the basis of any snapshot you happen to see.

1. Introduction

2. HOWTO Organization

3. Useful Links:

4. Preliminaries

5. Planning a Yum Repository

6. Setting up an FTP server for yum.

7. Building Yum

8. Installing Yum

9. Yummifying your servers: yum-arch

10. Setting up the Yum Client

11. Using the Yum Client

12. Building RPMs for yum repositories

13. Security

14. Etc.

15. Further Information

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