영어사전에는 호주 속어로 되어 있지만, weeds 드라마를 보면, perv라는 단어를 쉽게 쓰고 있다.pervert 의 약자.

호주·속어 n.
1 색정적인 시선
2 성도착자(pervert)
vi. 색정적인 으로 보다at, on



snoop  /snup/   (snoops, snooping, snooped, snoopers)

기웃거리며 돌아다니다. 어정거리다.

예) Were you snooping?? 누군가 나를 snooping하고 있다면, none of business하며 철퇴를!!


If someone snoops around a place, they secretly look around it in order to find out things.
    Ricardo was the one she'd seen snooping around Kim's hotel room.

   Snoop is also a noun. N-COUNT
    The second house that Grossman had a snoop around contained `strong simple furniture'.

snooper N-COUNT
    St Barth's strange lack of street names is meant to dissuade journalistic snoopers.

If someone snoops on a person, they watch them secretly in order to find out things about their life.
    Governments have been known to snoop on innocent citizens.




maid, housemaid, 이렇게 영어사전에서 표현하지만. 실제 미국에서는 이보다도

domestic helper라는 단어를 더 쓰는 것 같음..



My husband and I are are looking for a full time fluent Mandarin speaking domestic helper / nanny to live with us in our home in Kuwait. We currenlty do not have any children but plan to have one within the next two years. We are looking for someone honest, hardworking, friendly, who can preform household duties and is good with children.
The incumbent will have their own room and bathroom with their own separate entrance. We will provide food and other essential amenities. If interested please email us on mailto:



sleepover  /slipov/   (sleepovers)  also sleep-over

A sleepover is an occasion when someone, especially a child, sleeps for one night in a place such as a friend's home.



arson  /sn/

Arson is the crime of deliberately setting fire to a building or vehicle.
    a terrible wave of rioting, theft and arson.



You need to get laid

weeds에 나온 말인데, 무슨 말인지 초반에 몰랐다.

의외로 많은 영화에서 나오는 말인데..  성관계를 가질 필요가 있다는 말이다.

구글에서 검색하면, 대충 의미는 알수 있음.




resilient  /rzlint/

1 되튀는;원상으로 돌아가는, 탄력 있는
2 기운회복하는
3 활한, 랄한(buoyant)

1. ADJ : usu v-link ADJ
Something that is resilient is strong and not easily damaged by being hit, stretched, or squeezed.
    an armchair of some resilient plastic material.

resilience N-UNCOUNT : also a N
    Do your muscles have the strength and resilience that they should have?

2. ADJ : usu v-link ADJ
People and things that are resilient are able to recover easily and quickly from unpleasant or damaging events.
    When the U.S. stock market collapsed in October 1987, the Japanese stock market was the most resilient.

resilience N-UNCOUNT : also a N
    the resilience of human beings to fight after they've been attacked.

Resilient people are mentally tough

보통 Resilent people은 위의 말처럼 터프하다라고 표현한다.

Resilient people are mentally tough. Think of them like the Energizer bunny — they keep going no matter what. Those who are resilient are able to overcome difficult situations and are ready to seek solutions to get back on track. But how can you develop this kind of strength and perseverance?



I beseech you

= I'm begging you


Stinky eye 인상찌뿌프리며 evil eye로 바라보는 것



foreskin  /fskn/   (foreskins)

A man's foreskin is the skin that covers the end of his penis.



negligence and stupidity  과실 치사



가사 household things, household work

가계 household economy

가사 용품 household goods

가정적인 일 household matters










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